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  Finally getting around to processing some photos from a long ago trip into the White Mountains, east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The ancient bristlecone pine tree forest calls these rugged and weathered mountains home. Some of the oldest trees of North America can be found here with ages exceeding 3000 years old. I’ll […]

Took the time out of the busy schedule to process one of the photos I took of the recent lunar eclipse. If you look really closely you can see Uranus as a pinpoint light to the left of the moon. Click on the image for a larger version hosted on Flickr.

Went on a recent, overnight hike to the top of Mt. Fuji. Tradition demands you be there for sunrise. Nature did not disappoint us. Our toils and pains were well worth it.  

Today is June 9th. My series of flights from Japan and to the US begins in about a couple of hours. A little more than 14 hours of flying time and a couple of layovers later, I’ll have my feet on the ground in Detroit. This’ll start the short few days of my time presenting at […]

…and about higher education in Japan. The following is an entirely anecdotal account of what it is like to pursue education at public university in Japan. I cannot comment on the country as a whole or every field of study, but this certainly gives some basis for comparison to experiences in the United States. Oh, […]

It’s that time of year again. Students in Japan are both preparing for the end and the beginning. My lab has seven students up for their masters degree and a bevy more undergraduates who are both preparing their final reports and studying for entrance examinations leading to another two years of study. I write this […]

It’s been nearly two and a half years since arrival. The first six months of which were spent desperately learning as much of the language as would stick. During that time I met and interacted with the most diverse group of fellow students and researchers since entering into higher eduction. It’s helpful to become the […]

I just found out about this and it pains me so much to not be able to get my hands on it here in Japan. When I was younger, much younger, I was fascinated by the two large, coffee-table-sized books of stories and artwork by James Gurney in the world of Dinotopia. The two books I […]

Friday night my laptop died. I brought it home as usual, in the basket of my bicycle (yes, my bicycle has a basket). Just minutes earlier it was working fine in lab. However, upon reaching home, it would not boot. Screen was out, the fans spun up, the hard drives spooled up too, but there […]

Most of my storytelling while here in Japan has been in the form of photography. Unfortunately, as you can probably tell, this blog has very little (if any) photography visible. So, rather than just load up the wordpress blog with more photos, I am going to try and rely in on an easy and seamless […]

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