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Today is June 9th. My series of flights from Japan and to the US begins in about a couple of hours. A little more than 14 hours of flying time and a couple of layovers later, I’ll have my feet on the ground in Detroit. This’ll start the short few days of my time presenting at […]

…and about higher education in Japan. The following is an entirely anecdotal account of what it is like to pursue education at public university in Japan. I cannot comment on the country as a whole or every field of study, but this certainly gives some basis for comparison to experiences in the United States. Oh, […]

It’s that time of year again. Students in Japan are both preparing for the end and the beginning. My lab has seven students up for their masters degree and a bevy more undergraduates who are both preparing their final reports and studying for entrance examinations leading to another two years of study. I write this […]

It’s been nearly two and a half years since arrival. The first six months of which were spent desperately learning as much of the language as would stick. During that time I met and interacted with the most diverse group of fellow students and researchers since entering into higher eduction. It’s helpful to become the […]

Despite the relatively bad news of update #2, update #3 is pretty good. A couple of weeks ago my advising professor and I travelled to meet with a private company who was willing to hear us out and my research interests. After a conversation almost entirely in Japanese (practically none of which I spoke), we […]

Today we had a bit of unexpected bad news from the professor regarding the research prospects. To make a long story short, the laser sintering machine I was to be training on and ultimately using for the research has gone down for repairs. The researchers at the Osaka Prefectural Technology Research Institute informed us that […]

Finally the research effort has found some traction. I am super excited to have something I can pour my efforts into and see it move forward. I hope I can post somewhat infrequently with some updates as to the state of my academic work, pitfalls, and victories. I’ll try to make these updates sequential so […]

Just two months ago I started to actually learn Japanese. It is really amazing to see how far and how quickly I have progressed. From knowing nothing at all to being a “fly-on-the-wall” to daily conversation of the public at large. I may not understand everything said, but with every passing week of education, I […]

It’s now week 5 of my 15 week language course here at Osaka University. I am one of the lucky few who gets to spend a quality twenty-four hours a week under instruction to learn as much Japanese as can be crammed into those short weeks. In the short time of one month, we’ve covered […]

I wrapped up yet another semester at USC this past week. My last final, one the covered partial differential equations, was on Friday. It’s a relief that this semester is over – it was supposed to be the hardest double whammy of math-heavy coursework to date. I’ve got two more classes to take next spring […]

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