Friday night my laptop died.

I brought it home as usual, in the basket of my bicycle (yes, my bicycle has a basket). Just minutes earlier it was working fine in lab. However, upon reaching home, it would not boot. Screen was out, the fans spun up, the hard drives spooled up too, but there was no chime, no hello from the machine code deep within. It was dead. More to the point, the logic board was toast. After four years and four months of faithful service, it was gone. Over the years I had replaced the hard drive with a shiny new SSD and removed the optical drive for another, second hard drive. Thankfully, the demise of this laptop does not mean my data went with it. As a wise geek once said, “back up, back up, back up.” So, I have everything I need on backups here, there, and in the cloud. However, without a new laptop to put them on, I am a little bit adrift. That all changed about an hour ago when I placed the order for a brand new replacement. The purchase price is about the same as the first and I expect it to get the same mileage. However, because my life will depend more on this piece of consumer electronics, I went ahead and spent the money on the extended warranty. Some would argue that it’s not required these days with increased reliability, but I can’t take that chance here in Japan with my PhD riding on my ability to document, analyze, and present my work. So, in my mind, it was money well spent for additional piece of mind.

…that was some eulogy.

Anyway, I am so excited for some new hardware. My aging laptop was incapable of properly handling the demands of HD video, “lightweight” games, and the other simple tasks I asked of it using the heavier and more resource demanding applications out there now. It’ll be nice to be struttin’ with 16 GB of ram, an all SSD hard disc, and a high resolution display. Now all I have to do is wait. And yeah, it’s a Mac. I am not shy to say that. The new exchange student from the US would look at me with disdain, but I am too heavily invested in software and hardware at the moment to consider switching back. I have been happy with my hardware in the past and I see nothing wrong with spending the money if I make it last.

Now I just need to settle on a name.

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