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    Mechanical Engineer / Sake Educator / Lost Alpinist

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    Hello, world! If you’ve stumbled here by accident or on purpose, I thank you for taking the time to read about me. My professional and academic careers have sent me many amazing places. At the moment, I have the pleasure of experiencing an entirely new culture and language while studying towards a doctoral degree at the University of Osaka in Japan. My research activities are focused on the non-linear behavior of engineering materials undergoing dynamic strain. While spending time in the laboratory is mentally stimulating, engaging, and sometimes draining, I continue to expand my scope of experience and understanding in my other passion: premium Japanese Sake (also known as Nihonshu). With friends and colleagues in the industry to guide me, I seek to enrich myself and others about the handmade craft steeped in history and surrounded by a rich culture. I couldn't have picked a better place to continue my engineering education!

    The world around us is downright amazing. I am honored to have this opportunity to experience another corner of it. Remember, "the frontier [is] everywhere." - Carl Sagan

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